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LMS Setup


The LTI protocol requires each LTI Tool and LMS that want to communicate to know about one another. When using LTIAAS, this is achieved through the following registration process:

  1. The LTI tool is registered into the LMS using LMS-specific instructions.
  2. The LMS provides a unique Client ID for that registration.
  3. The Client ID is used to perform a platform registration within LTIAAS.

Dynamic Registration - the easy way out

The easiest way to register a tool with an LMS is with Dynamic Registration. Currently, Moodle (3.10 or higher), and BrightSpace support Dynamic Registration.

Dynamic Registration automates the registration process by exposing a single Dynamic Registration Endpoint that is provided to the LMS. To use this feature, the Dynamic Registration option must be chosen when creating the account.

Each LMS has a different place where Dynamic Registration is initiated. But the same Dynamic Registration URL can be used for all LMSes that have the feature implemented.

Manual Registration

For LMSes that do not support dynamic registration (i.e. Canvas, Blackboard, and older Moodle instances), or LTIAAS accounts without the Dynamic Registration feature, the registration process must be done manually.

Section summary

This section breaks down the setup process for many of the most popular LMSes.

Next steps

If you already have your LTI tool set up in an LMS, you can start receiving LTI launches. Please see the Receiving your first LTI launch guide for more information.

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